We are a consulting firm based on empirical psychology
that uses and develops advanced assessment techniques
to help companies select employees and executives, develop leaders, identify talent and support your change projects.
We are focused on occupational assessments. Our speciality:

Custom designed Assessments

- Assessments that are fine-tuned to a specific position in your organization.

If you need an assessment process with strong predictive power specifically designed around the needs and challenges of your business, talk to us.
We provide a high quality process to firmly establish validity, ensure acceptance of outcomes, and drive strategic change. We are experts in designing customized assessment processes that reflect a company's unique business needs and challenges. Our customized assessments include management work samples and simulations of upcoming tasks. They are fine-tuned to the requirements of a specific target position in an organization, not just a collection of modules. We have extensive design expertise, designing customized assessments for hundreds of positions and roles across all kinds of companies and industries -> examples.

Our customized assessments drive strategic change by providing people with a powerful preview of future challenges and expectations.
Our customized assessments significantly enhance the acceptance, defensibility and validity of the assessment as well as the whole recruitment process.

We are based in Germany, and have extensive expertise working internationally. We look forward to being of service to you.

Dr. Andreas Klug

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