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The success of a company depends on its top managers and executives. Decisions regarding engagements and staffing in this domain have extensive consequences and strategic impact.

Photo Manager particcipating an Executive Assessment

Business projects like the introduction of a new product need time. From planning to accomplishing up to the first earnings, months or years could pass by. Therefore, in many cases executives harvest the outcome of their activities considerably time shifted.
As well it does not become apparent immediately but time shifted, if a new executive is successful and if your engagement decision was appropriate or not.
The delay is one of the reasons, why a wrong engagement decision can easily cost one to three annual salaries.
Therefore it makes sense to ensure engagement decisions and investments in top managers and executives via individual assessments.
Before you decide you will know, if a candidate is capable and will be successful.

Our Offer

With rising level of position, metadisciplinary competencies are getting more and more important for the aptitude appraisal and the engagement decision (E.g. analytic skills, strategic thinking, management competencies, customer orientation, social competencies, entrepreneurial thinking). In typical interviews these criteria are assessable only vague and with low validity. With our advanced work sample techniques and individual assessments, we offer the highest possible accuracy and predictive validity. Our Credo:

Simulation of requirements instead of self descriptions!

Do you need more security than trusting in a candidates self description can provide? It is much more reliable to perceive and experience the compe-tencies of a candidate directly through work samples, as opposed to just the traditional interview process. Some candidates may have knowledge, but they are unable to transfer that knowledge into concrete action.

Photo management work sample executive assessment

To make competencies, capabilities and potentials clear, we use management work samples as well as simulations of typical tasks and job specific requirements.
In our intensive one day assessment future executives and top managers will be observed discreetly and evaluated individually. In up to seven management simulations we evoke behaviour that leads to success on their future target position. The candidate gets several fair opportunities to exhibit a broad spectrum of his relevant competencies and aptitude. As an observer you experience your future manager in situations that are close to reality.


  • The risk of expensive hiring mistakes will be minimized and the accuracy of your decisions regarding engagements and staffing will be maximized.
  • Essential requirements such as leadership competencies, analytic and strategic competencies, entrepreneurial initiative and social skills, will become visible and measurable.
  • You can use the results of our individual assessment for a specific initial job training and development or as a first step for individual coaching. In every case you start with actual strengths and fields for improvement of your new staff member.
  • With individual assessments you can support acquisitions, mergers and extensive change projects ( e.g. hr due diligence, selection of project managers and change agents).
  • The HR department is involved in the selection of new staff members and cares for selection decisions, which are compatible with the strategy and culture of the corporation.

Additional benefits that result from the individual conduction of the assessments:

  • The individual assessment situation allows us to learn as much about the candidate as possible. e.g. after a role simulation additional questions regarding his intentions, his leadership behaviour or his motivation can be asked.
  • Dynamic course: The individual assessment situation allows changing the schedule if a hypothesis is validated or if the candidate has proven a relevant competency early. We can vary the difficulty of exercises or choose new ones that help to answer questions that are still open.
  • The individual assessment situation is confidential and allows maintaining a maximum level of discretion over other internal or external candidates.

Our advantages

  • We develop management work samples that are specific for your company and the requirements of the position.
  • We offer different service levels up to full service including design, introduction, conduction, project management, fine tuning and long term evaluation of executive assessments.
  • For top level executives we offer variants in which we revise the work samples and simulations comprehensively. We discuss and evaluate intentions, strategies, concepts, attitudes and values together with the executives. These variants gain maximized acceptance.
  • Use our experience! We have conducted over 500 assessments in different industry sectors for a broad spectrum of positions. We provide you with our experience and benchmarks to assess your candidate´s levels of competencies.
  • We are psychologists and specialists in occupational and executive assessment. We have developed advanced methods to measure constructs and criteria, which are hard to assess in a typical interview (e. g. negotiation competence, analytic skills, entrepreneurial thinking, initiative).


Examples of Assessment Elements:

Examples of positions and projects we have conducted.

Have a look at an assessment schedule!
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