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Schedule Potential Assessment

Schedule for the observer teams in a two day potential assessment
with 3, 6, 9 or 12 candidates as an example.

Time Assessment Task
Day 1
08.30- 09.00 Introduction
09.20- 12.30 3x Role Simulation Talk with an Employee 1
    followed by Self Evaluation and Feedback
13.30- 17.15 3x Management Case Study Branch Manager
17.30- 19.45 3x Sales Presentation

Day 2

08.30- 11.00 3x Role Simulation Talk with an Employee 2
11.00- 13.30 Team Management Task Steering a project working group
14.00- 16.10 3x Interview
16.30- 17.45 Observer Conference
17.45- 18.45 Individual Feedback Sessions
Photo Particcipant Potential Assessment

1 - 4 parallel working observer teams, each with 3 candidates to assess.
The candidates change observer teams and work on tests and questionnaires when they are not conducting a task.

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We would be pleased to design an assessment that is customized to the requirements of your company and a specific function or target position.

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